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You have to put in the work to repair the damage and heal those relationships. To make amends, you must do more than just make apologies for your past behavior. Instead, making amends means you apologize for what you’ve done and what is a living amends make it right. Similarly, making living amends means you completely change the way you live and remain committed to that lifestyle. Soon, you’ll run out of reasons to give your loved ones why you’ve failed them once again.

Promises to do things differently

Still, ultimately, our accountability, empathy, and making things right helps us grow, learn and heal. This makes it very difficult to tolerate the idea that our choices might make someone we care about upset. Additionally, if we continue to make the same choices, it causes us to use our minds to feel righteous about choices and make the other person wrong for feeling hurt or deserving of our choices. A few months back, she was traveling for an extended period of time. Well, the time came to continue my living amends to her and redo her entire master suite, including her bathroom.

In Twelve Step recovery, your pace is your own to determine. No doubt you will experience challenges and setbacks along the way. But by prioritizing your recovery on a daily basis and doing whatever that next right thing might be for you, you will keep moving forward in living a life of good purpose. It’s important to note that making amends is for the person we hurt. Yes, we partake in the process to “clean up our side of the street,” but we do not make amends to clear our conscience or undo our feelings of guilt. Think of amends as actions taken that demonstrate your new way of life in recovery, whereas apologies are basically words.

What Is the Best Way to Make Amends?

It is important to note that just because you have made amends does not mean that your relationships will be completely healed or return back to normal. Sometimes, the list of people who you’ve wronged can seem endless and be overwhelming to even start tackling. There is no set timeframe you must abide by when reconciling with your loved ones. In fact, your family’s healing process will look different from yours. One conversation might not be enough to repair the damage. You may need to attend family therapy sessions together over time to fully patch up those strained relationships.

When you make a real effort to change your past behaviors, you need to make the initial move in repairing broken relationships. These steps mean taking ownership of the past, apologizing for wherever you made mistakes and moving forward from those missteps. Another example is a substance or alcohol-addicted adult child who regularly steals money, jewelry, and other valuable items from their elderly parent’s home. In many 12-step recovery programs, making amends is an important part of the process. For example, Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)’s ninth step involves making amends to the individuals in your life who were affected by your addiction.

Why Making Amends Can Be Difficult

Address harm caused or intended and take full responsibility for negative behavior. On a similar note, the sixth and seventh steps give recovering alcoholics newfound humility in order to prevent blame, anger, or self-righteousness during their recovery. The eighth step then helps the individual prepare to accomplish step nine. For the amends process to be successful, you first need to focus on healing yourself, then be willing to forgive yourself and others. The concept of making amends originates from AA’s 12 Step program, which provides a framework for individuals to build a long-lasting, sustainable recovery. The initial 7 Steps are about inward self-reflection and transformation, while Steps 8 and 9 focus on fixing interpersonal relationships.

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Some Christians want to make amends for the church’s treatment of ….

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