Romantic date night recommendations aren’t practically dinner and a movie. They might be a chance to target on each of your other, make memories and bond over something entertaining. Whether if you’re trying to boost romance or keep it aflame, here are some creative and inexpensive ways to spend time together.

Write about your appreciate story. Pick up a sweet journal and pen and spend several time recording how you met, the earliest date or special moments throughout your romance. Then, read your work to each other.

Record a playlist for your significant different. If you’re in the mood to dance, whip up some music that meet with you both and ask your time over to get a romantic evening of dancing and cocktails.

Play a casino game of charades. This is a classic, cost-effective and funny way to get acquainted with each other better. You could also get a new game, like Jenga or mentally stimulating games. Or, if you are feeling even more adventurous, have an in house picnic. Rest away a umbrella in your living room, build some delightful snacks and get an at-home romantic food.

Visit stargazing. You will find few details more romantic—or budget friendly—than snuggling up and spotting shooting megastars or groupe.

Visit the zoo or aquarium. You can see each other’s dog side and squee over cute fuzzy or finned friends.

Have a scenic ferry ride. Whether it’s the Staten Area Ferry or Roosevelt Island Bus, a riding on a great urban waterway is a fabulous and fun approach to get away from the crowds.